Hello. My name is Chloe Muller. I am from a tiny town in Northwestern Wyoming called Greybull. I graduated with a class of 39. Yes, 39. Our town has one stoplight, one of only 2 in the entire county.

I’m all grown-up (most of the time) and ready to find a real job after graduation in May, so I’m using this blog to promote my media career and illustrate some of the amazing skills I’ve picked up from the faculty at UW. Hopefully, a potential employer in the PR realm is reading this blog, thinking to themselves, “Wow! We need to hire this girl!” Preferably a potential employer from an organization who is driven on passion and emotion and fearlessness. Because that’s who I am, and who I hope to work for.

When I’m not reminiscing about my hometown or discussing my future career goals, I enjoy spending time with my family in the mountains…hiking, grilling, and building giant fires to roast marshmallows with. I also love football, baking, rescuing shelter pets, and Starbucks.